Had this page running for quite a long time ago for a year or so but in the end didn ´t have time for it. I give it a new try.
Just some news, gossip, random thoughts  and stuff like that. Not even really sure yet.

It will all be in English. Quite often in Swedish. Probably mostly in Swedish.
Stuff I want you to know about, but “can´t” have it in the photoblog. Mostly about events, people &  bands I know and/or who deserves all the attention they can possibly get.  And anything else I find important enough and matters to me for any reason.   And of course I will be stealing  stuff from your news feeds, bulletins and blogposts.
I have no intention to even try to cover everything that´s going on. Absolutely not.
No guarantees for consistency.
We´ll see how it works out.

Complains & contact: soile.siirtola@gmail.com
Webpage: www.extremmetal.se
Facebook: www.facebook.com/extremmetal

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