The new MARDUK, “Memento Mori”, is quite something! Simply the BEST right now. The video above is directed by Håkan Sjödin. The MAGGOTS! Very cool. And disgusting:D Have had a The DEVILS BLOOD period the past weeks. Appreciating the shit out of about everything they ever recorded. SVARTSYN and MURG (especially “Strävan” are both huge favourites, also the old Rev 16:8 – “Grand Tidal Rave” (the band split up for a long time ago) is still awesome! Haven´t even heard the later one but this is pure gold. CRAFT remains as one of the best ever bands. Not one weak album so far and there should be a new one in making right now. Haven´t heard about that for awhile now so hope it´s still on. KARJALAN SISSIT – martial-industrial-dark-ambient fantastic albums. Dunno if they even exist anymore? Lost contact with them for a long time ago. Great stuff all of it, tho. And I still wish I could see them performing some day.NATTEFROST! Fantastic live performance in Finland earlier this year! And the albums rule. Nothing new for a longest time and don´t think there are any plans to ever make any new recordings. Doesn´t matter, really. Roger for President! SATANIC WARMASTER I really learned to appreciate more lately. The latest, “Aamongandr” is a brilliant album and they kill live! SHINING has released a new album. Dunno yet what I think about it because I´ve only heard one song. Claudio Marino made an awesome video, tho. They do have so many good albums out there, so total support for Niklas and the band. Maybe the oddest one this time is the awesome KILIMANJARO DARK JAZZ ENSEMBLE. Very cool, very melancholy and dark. Got reminded of them when found out about the new project called THE LOVECRAFT SEXTET. The main man in both being a Dutch guy, Jason Köhnen. Kilimanjaro once played at a small festival (Dark Bombastic) in Transylvania. It was really something beutiful to experience… #neverforget
And then the rest…I listen to stuff all day long while working, editing pics etc, so the albums on this (short) list have been played more than one or 2 times:) So very good, all of them.
There will be a new one eventually:) And as always – a big part of what I listen to is not available on Spotify. So I also got playlists on YouTube. There you can basically find almost everything.


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