I run these playlists very randomly so not at all every week. Just like to get the past weeks stuff neatly collected every once in awhile just because it´s fun. Would make more sense doing it like every friday but I´m not that organized.
This collage thingy also lists the most played singles so the same MERRIMACK cover shows 3 times and kinda fucks it all up a bit. Had almost forgot about the French but after a great gig in Finland I´ve been updating myself. A lot xD
Lots of Steelfest bands on this one and a couple of  albums outside metal. Iggy Pop being all time favourite and Kid Koala this recently found marvel.  Frontscwein will probably always show on my 25 list and as usual, I need to attach the cover manually because it never shows:/  Too provocative or smthng which, ofc, is total bullshit.  Btw “Kuoleman Kirjo”  is in my ears the best Horna album so far. Check it out!
Lots of my best stuff I listen on Youtube. Or bandcamp. So a big part of my listenings are not counted in. Not to be found on Spotify in the first place.


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