Great news!! Snatched straigh from the OFERMOD FB-page!
[Photos © Norrköping Dec 2015]

“In the end of March of 2023 Ofermod will enter the Endarker Studio once again to record a fullength album which will be released by Shadow Records and Regain Records in co-operation. Once again the vocals will be handled by Nebiros and the guitars by Belfagor, so the two original members have re-united again after a short break.

Belfagor has composed all the music for the album. This time the lyrics are written by five advanced adepts of the dark Arts, initiates of draconian currents and of witchcraft. The drums will be performed by Simon Schilling of Marduk and the bass guitar by Devo Andersson, producer at the Endarker Studio. Musically Ofermod have returned to their roots from the early days of the band”s existence, so die hard fans will find this opus extra satisfactory. The album will be a sonic and lyrical monument to the draconian path and the Great Dragon of primal Chaos, a masterpiece of satanic Orthodox Black Metal magic, so be sure to get your copy of it once it’s out on the market! The title of the album will be announced later, in due time before it’s released.”

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